Dr James D.Boys

Academic | Author | Analyst


Dr James D. Boys is a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Strategic Studies at Tufts University where he is conducting research into the Madman Theory in US Grand Strategy.

He has delivered thought-provoking material on US Twentieth Century history, politics and grand strategy at a number of British universities.

From 2012-2015, Dr. Boys held  a prestigious Visiting Senior Research Fellowship at King’s College, London, where he researched U.S. Grand Strategy for his book on President Clinton’s role in shaping U.S. foreign policy.

James was a member of Chatham House’s U.S. Foreign Policy Discussion Board, served as an external examiner for the U.S. Politics & Foreign Policy postgraduate programs at Birkbeck College (2012-2105) and was a Visiting Fellowship at the University of North Dakota in 2010. He has also served as an external PhD examiner on several instances at Kings College, London.

Please contact him to discuss potential lectures or public discussions.


Center for Strategic Studies, The Fletcher School, Tufts University

Visiting Scholar (2021-22)

Richmond University, London

Professor of International Political Studies (2018-19)

Associate Professor of International Political Studies (2010-18)

Director, International Relations Postgraduate Programme (2010-2012)

Assistant Professor (2006-2010)

King’s College, London

Visiting Senior Research Fellow (2012-2015)

University of North Dakota (Centre for Human Rights/Genocide)

Visiting Fellow (2010)

Syracuse University (London) 

Consulting Professor (2006-2011)

De Montfort University, Leicester

Adjunct Lecturer (2006)

Leicester University

Adjunct Lecturer (2006)

University of Gloucester, Cheltenham

Adjunct Lecturer (2005)

University of Birmingham

Assistant Lecturer/Tutor (2003-2006)

Courses Delivered

UK-US Comparative History (Richmond University 2018)

The US: Superpower in Decline? (Richmond University 2010-2018)

U.S. Grand Strategy (Richmond University 2006- 2019)

U.S. Politics (Richmond University 2006-2019)

U.S. History: Versailles to Vietnam (Richmond University 2006-2019)

Foreign Policy Analysis (Richmond University 2007-2019)

Comparative Political Systems (Richmond University 2006-2012)

Globalisation and Power Networks (AIFS 2006-2009)

Introduction to Politics (Richmond University 2006-2018)

Major Political Thinkers (Richmond University 2006)

The American Presidency (Richmond University 2008-2019)

Hollywood and History (Richmond University 2007)

America: A Foreign Perspective (Syracuse University 2006-2011)

Globalisation and International Relations (Richmond University 2006)

U.S. Foreign Policy (De Montfort University 2006)

American Foreign Policy in the Cold War (Leicester University 2006)

Freedom and Slavery in the U.S. 1860-1865 (Gloucester University 2005)

American History 1890-1990 (Birmingham University 2003-2006)